EFT and Negative Cycles

We all become caught in negative cycles, the EFT tern for arguments, from time to time, but when couples first come to see me, they are caught in them more frequently then not.  These negative cycles are more than toxic and can literally hijack the relationship, creating anger, distrust and disconnection.

This Youtube video by Sharon Mead LMFT is a lovely way to learn about the negative cycles that block couples from connection.

Powerful Vulnerability Interview for Couples

James Thomas, MFT and EFT Practitioner, shares his wisdom and insights on the radio show ‘Love Pong’, a Conscious Caring segment about how very different Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples is ┬ácompared to other couple therapies. ┬áJames does such a beautiful job enlightening the interviewer and helping him understand the importance of vulnerability, that he even has the interviewer tearing up.