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In many ways, water, like emotion, can connect us or push us down into the depths of shame. On the surface it can be calm or raging, but below the surface, deep and uncertain. By processing our emotions with those closest to us, our emotions can create calm ripples of connection.  

In our culture, many males and as well as females, are ‘taught’ to suppress their emotions at a very young age. One of the ways these emotions show up when they aren’t deeply felt is to be carried around as boulders of responsibility. Overtime this responsibility becomes burdensome and overwhelming and can lead to efforts to cast the emotional boulders off by either pushing them down, trying to throw them away with anger or avoiding them completely by numbing out with substances such as alcohol, drugs and other process addictions.  Ultimately, these emotional boulders can lead to depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD and adjustment issues and at time can feel as though one is on the edge of a cliff with very few options available and what is available isn’t working. Rather than being able to express deeper emotions with those we love, especially if the relationship is strained, we stay stuck in cycles within and with our partners, which only worsen over time.  Processing our emotions with the ones we love, can help lift the boulders from our shoulders and lighten our hearts.