Telehealth, Fees and Scheduling

Carol is now offering all sessions via Teletherapy which is highly effective.
New clients are welcome!

Emotionally Focused Therapy is a major investment in you and your primary relationships – one that will pay dividends for many years to come. You can expect to gain a more deep, meaningful, connection and to find more effective ways of coping with your problems together which will improve your overall sense of well-being, happiness and connection. Deep connections made at Creating Healthy Connections could easily be one of the most important investments you ever make.

Dear valued clients and prospective clients,

In response to current public health concerns regarding the spread of the  COVID-19  virus, CHC is offering telehealth services to all clients.  Effective immediately, telehealth is available to you as a replacement for in-person therapy sessions.

If you have any current appointments scheduled you will be changed to telehealth. If this is not what you want please let me know as soon as possible.  The use of telehealth allows us to continue to offer services “as usual,” in the case that you or your therapist may have concerns of exposure, or symptoms of illness.  As a team, we are committed to making the necessary adaptations to continue to support you, especially during this time of increased stressors and uncertainty.

Technical Requirements

You need an internet connection with fast bandwidth, including a good upload speed.  You will need a private space for your session where you can block others from hearing the session. Use your smart phone white noise app. Please use this time as if you are in the office, sitting near each other and not eating food or being distracted with your computer or phone. When you sit side-by-side please do not sit so that one of you sits forward of the other. This really throws the balance off

A laptop or computer with video capability is preferred over a mobile device or tablet.  If you are using a mobile device or tablet please have it propped up in stable location (no holding your device).

You’ll each receive an email with an invite to join the video conference. To enter your session you’ll provide the password and ID provided in the email. CHC sessions will not be Zoombombed because Teletherapy or Video chat capability is provided through HIPPA Compliant Zoom which prevents access to data by unauthorized persons through encryption, or other means. This will provide a secure and private teletherapy connection and complies with federal and state privacy laws. 

CHC will review the ‘Telehealth consent form’ for online video therapy with you the first time you have an on-line session.

It is helpful to have 2 devices available, even if you use only 1, because having the other device on standby to use if the one device isn’t working perfectly has come in handy before.

Have your cell phone nearby (both of you) so that your therapist can call you to trouble shoot (reschedule, complete session by phone, move to another video conference platform) if there is a technological glitch. During this covid time there are greater bandwidth challenges than previously (though CHC has been pleasantly surprised how well online connectivity is working given the surge in businesses going online!). This is especially the case for sessions between 7-10 pm. So do have your cell phone near–just in case.

An ethernet cable that connects your computer or laptop directly to your modem often enhances quality of the call.

To use this medium you need to have tolerance for the occasional technological blip. While the technology is much more reliable than it was even a few short years ago, there is the occasional poor connection. Often stopping and starting again makes for a better connection the second time.

Please note the following for Teletherapy:

Please note that our cancellation policy remains in effect: you must provide 48 business-hours notice for cancellations for any reason.

If you have any questions, please contact me directly at 443-254-0686


Initial Intake (total of one hour phone consultation or 30 minutes for each partner) with the first 80 minute session together: $250 

Couples Ongoing Therapy after initial session: $200 for 80 minutes

Family Ongoing Therapy: $200 for 80 minutes

Individual Therapy within the context of Couple Therapy scheduled after initial couple session: $200 for 80 minutes (Individual Therapy for each partner occurs a few times during the course of couples or family therapy).  Please note, at  CHC you and your family members are provided full privacy given the structure of the waiting area.


Appointments are available afternoon and evening hours during the work week Monday through Friday. Appointments are scheduled every 90 minutes beginning at 2:00 PM Monday through Friday. Each session is 80 minutes long, with 10 minutes for scheduling and questions.
Please note – afternoon appointments – 2:00 PM and 3:30 PM are typically available at the onset of therapy because the evening appointments are usually full. Overtime, evening appointments become available as couples graduate.  As the schedule permits, you and your partner will move into an evening appointment, if that is what you are seeking. 

It is the client’s responsibility to pay for each session on the onset of the appointment which will be done through an online payment process. A receipt with the necessary codes and upcoming appointments will be scanned and sent to your respective email addresses or text in order for you submit to your insurance provider for reimbursement or HSA.

You’ll receive an invoice at the conclusion of the session.  Please pay your invoice prior to your next scheduled session. In the event of an unpaid session, future sessions will not be held until account has been paid in full. Unpaid accounts will receive an account summary at the beginning of each week.

Cancellation Policy

I charge the full rate for scheduled appointments missed or canceled with less than 48 business hours.

Schedule Online Or By Phone. Calls or emails will usually be returned in 48 business hours

Sessions are usually once a week for 75 minutes but please allow for 90 minutes for scheduling, fee collection and other questions.  Please be aware, Emotionally Focused Therapy for couples and families needs to be weekly in order to be truly effective as indicated by the accumulated research and experience.

You may receive reimbursement if your plan allows you to see out-of-network providers for which you may receive partial, or in some cases, full reimbursement. For each session you attend, you’ll need to pay in-full at the onset of the session.  At that time you’ll be given a statement you may attach to a claim form (provided by your insurance company upon your request). The insurance company will process your claim and reimburse you  according to the terms of your plan. It is best to call your provider and ask about your benefits.

There are several important questions you’ll need to ask your insurance company before you attend your first session

The following questions may be questions you need to ask your insurance provider.

  1. Will my plan reimburse me directly when I go to an out-of-network provider, such as CHC?
  2. Does my plan cover mental health benefits? Specifically, will they reimburse for the following codes and for telehealth:
    90834 – most important for individual work
    90837 – most important for individual work
    90846 – most important for couples & family work
    90847 – most important for couples & family work
  3. What are the terms of my plan—do I have a deductible and has it been met?
  4. What paperwork does my insurance carrier require? This is usually a one-page claim form that the carrier provides to you upon your request.
  5. How many sessions per calendar year does my plan cover?
  6. How much does my plan cover for an out of network provider?
  7. What is the coverage amount per therapy session?
  8. Is approval required from my primary care physician?

The statement/receipt you will be provided at CHC will have all the relevant information that your insurance carrier will require, including a diagnosis. Please make copies of the receipts before mailing or faxing them in.

Complete the paperwork your insurance company requires (usually a one-page form) and include any additional statements. Make certain that you fill out your insurance claim according to their specifications.